Accordion, Instrument of the Gods In the News

One Fine Accordion Collection

Caroline Hunt from Avoch, Black Isle, Scotland has spent the last 12 years collecting photos of accordions made between 1850 and 1960 for her upcoming reference book on the Greatest Instrument Ever. In the process, she’s also managed to collect 300 accordions, all of which are on display at Grantown on Spey Museum until Sunday.

Ms. Hunt’s hope is to someday start a museum of accordions in Scotland similar to the legendary one in Castelfidardo, Italy. Perhaps someday, I will donate the Lido — whose chick-magnet powers are so incredible that I haven’t dared to take it out since getting married — to this fine museum.

I wish I could go and see this collection, but I’ll have to make do with ogling the brochure [577K PDF].

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