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Drink Your Own Pee Dot Com [Updated]

The marketing team here at Tucows has informed me that domain names are increasing in value. People are forking outbig money for them again. I hear that domain names ending with the word “world” — for example, “”, “”, “” — are highly prized.

(If you’d like to know more interesting facts about domain names, Dennis Forbes has written an excellent article on what’s taken and what’s still available.)

I have decided that I have not exercised my domain name registration powers enough. No more!

I have claimed that the Internet would be “over” — not “over” in the non-functional sense, but “over” as in the way acid-wash jeans are — when the domain name was registered. I have decided that I must destroy the internet in order to save it and decided to register it myself. It’s mine now. Mine! Drink Your Own Pee Dot Com! Whoo-hoo!


And now comes the experiment. I’m going to see if I can turn it into a money-maker. There are all sorts of strategies I can try; I’m going to take some for a test spin and see which ones work. If makes me enough money to take The Missus out to dinner once a month, I’ll consider it a success. I’ll keep you informed of my progress.

(Suggestions are welcome — just leave them in the comments!)

The “It Should Be Obvious, But Just In Case It Isn’t” Disclaimer

I do not, I repeat, do not drink my own pee.

Update: Or anyone else’s pee, you wiseguys.

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It also depends where you want to take her out for dinner. Is it gonna be middle-of-the-road Spring Rolls type of place? Is it gonna be Bymark or Canoe? Are you planning on taking her to Swiss Chalet?

That’s important too!

Does it have to be something actually related to the domain name? Otherwise you just have to do something(s) to get alot of traffic — e.g. a page with a video that everyone’s going to forward to all of their friends.

I guess the first joke/image/video could be related to the domain name. It’s keeping it going month after month that’s the tricky part.

You have to ask yourself how far from your core value system you’re willing to stray in order to fulfill your goal.

Because if the answer is ‘a long, long way,’ then I see this as a great opportunity for a redneck post-apocalypse site with links to supplies like generators, bomb shelters, bulk rations of MREs…

Go for a positive cause and use the domain for eating disorder awareness.

There was a recent ‘PostSecret’ (why doesn’t he keep archives?!) where a person wrote in that the time they drank their own pee to make them vomit was the time that they finally admitted to themselves they had an eating disorder.

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