Oh My God! We Hired Kenny!

'Kenny' from 'South Park'.It’s been made public, so I can talk about it here now: marketing guru Ken Schafer — whose blog One Degree is an invaluable resource for Canadian internet marketers — is joining Tucows. Ken’s well-known in tech circles and has probably forgotten more about marketing than I will ever learn, so I’m pleased to see that he’ll be taking on the position of Vice President of Marketing.

Like many people who are in with the local tech crowd, Ken’s a DemoCamp attendee, so I plan to congratulate him in person at tomorrow’s gathering and welcome him to the herd. Good to have you on the team, Ken!

One reply on “Oh My God! We Hired Kenny!”

Joey, please, I’m blushing. That could be my favourite blog title ever (then again I’m biased).

I’m thrilled to be part of the team – we’ll drink a toast at DemoCamp.



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