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Bad News

While undergoing dialysis at the hospital yesterday, Dad slipped and fell backwards landing on his head, knocking him out and fracturing his skull. He’s currently in the intensive care unit at St. Joseph’s Health Centre and is conscious but confused due to some internal bleeding in his brain. The last diagnosis of which I was aware is that he has a subarachnoid hemmorhage, which to this layperson sounds like pretty bad news. Today’s CAT scan should provide more information.

Wendy and I visited last night, and as soon as I finished whatever work I can’t take with me, I’m headed back to the hospital. I don’t know how many times I’ve asked for your best wishes, prayers or moving the coffee table for better feng shui, but if you can spare some, they’d be appreciated.

As one might expect, non-work-related blogging may be a bit light for the next couple of days. Be well, everyone.

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No! Well, consider the coffee table moved and all of the other things working, too. Hang in there, and know that many people are hoping your dad’s condition improves.

Mass tomorrow morning will be prayed with special intentions for your wonderful father; meeting him (and all the Koslow-DeVilla extended family) was a lovely privilege.

What terrible thing to happen! You have our thoughts and best wishes for your Dad’s recovery.

from DanToom

Eep! My boss fell on the ice this past weekend and I myself was slightly concussed within 5 days of arriving to Toronto, so very scary thing to go through and I’m sorry to hear that the damage is severe. Here’s hoping your dad’s in the clear soon, and that you and your family are doing well.

fingers and toes and eyes crossed that your dad’s okay. it sucks when health is tenuous as it is and then this. i’m not much for praying but if it’ll help consider it done.


I hope your Dad makes a quick and full recovery very soon.

Best Wishes to You, Wendy and both your families,

Ian Irving,

Goodness, Joey – that’s grim news. Most awfully sorry to hear this. The very best wishes from all of us for a speedy recovery. We’ll say a special prayer with the kids tonight and again at mass on Sunday.

Fingers crossed too, just in case.

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