It Happened to Me

Hello from San Francisco!

I’m currently sitting in a seminar at the Evans Data Developer Relations Conference in the Argent Hotel in downtown San Francisco. It’s a developer relations conference rather than a developer conference, which means that the event isn’t the “sausage party” to which I have become accustomed, but rather one with a more even male-female ratio.

The Windows/Mac ratio is still heavily Redmond-skewed. Until just now, I thought I was the only guy with a Mac laptop in attendance.

Noting this, I turned to Ross and said, “See? Only Mac in the house. I’ve just established myself as the rebel.”

“No,” he replied without skipping a beat, “you’ve established yourself as bait.”

One reply on “Hello from San Francisco!”

So how does it feel to be the bait in the sea?

And isn’t it sort of funny that it seems your observation is the exact opposit of what you seem to get at most other conferences?

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