The Best PowerPoint Slide Ever

[via AKMA] I’m going to be at the Evans Data Corporation’s Developer Relations Conference in San Francisco on Monday and Tuesday, which means that it’s very likely that I will have to sit through who-knows-how-many PowerPoint presentations. Perhaps I should bring along a USB key loaded with Gary Turner’s slide for derailing PowerPoint presentations, pictured below:

Gary writes:

This should create the required disturbance in the PowerPoint

forcefield and, with a little luck, force them to let go of the wheel

and actually talk to you as humans without the crutch of 78 slides to make a point that should take only 3.

I’ve written about one of the unintended consequences of PowerPoint before in an entry titled The Breakup Style of PowerPoint, from which David Byrne (yup, the Talking Heads guy) borrowed for his presentation. Check it out!

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