"Top Ten Sources" Announces its Executive Team

Now it can be told: my wife, Wendy Koslow, is the Editor-in-Chief of Top 10 Sources. Congrats, Wendy!

Also on the management team are Halley “Halley’s Comment” Suitt as CEO and Indigo Tabor as Technical Editor-in-Chief.

What is Top 10 Sources?

Let’s let the site do the talking:

Top 10 Sources is a directory of sites that bring you the freshest,

most relevant content on the Web. We know it’s impossible for anyone to

keep track of the 20 million+ online sources of information. So our

editors search Web 2.0 — blogs, podcasts, wikis, news sites, and every

kind of syndicated sources online — by hand. Our Top 10 lists are

updated frequently as great new sources come online.

Top 10 Sources covers a wide array of topics, assigning an editor to each topic. A topic’s editor will search for what he or she feels are the ten best syndicated sources — that is, sources of information with an RSS feed, such as blogs, new websites and so on — and includes them on the page for that topic. You can visit that topic’s page to keep up with the entries from those ten sources. For the hardcore information junkie, each Top 10 Sources topic has an OPML feed, which makes it easy to add any set of top ten feeds to your aggregator.

If what I just wrote didn’t make any sense, try visiting a Top 10 Sources page to get a feel for what it’s about. Here are some topics you might want to try:

There are all sorts of topics covered in Top 10 Sources, and more are being added all the time — I’ll probably end up contributing to a couple myself. If you’re looking for new sources of information or new blogs to read, Top 10 Sources is a good launching point. Check it out!

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