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Do You Know Anything About Roztez?

Hey, readers! I need your collective brainpower!

A reader writes:

I am trying to find out about the city of Roztez in the Czech Republic because I have been offered a job there.  However, I cannot find any pictures or anything about the people, etc.  Seeing your website, I thought you might be able to give me some insight.

I wrote back, saying:

Unfortunately, I know terribly little about Roztez. I stayed at the Zamek Roztez castle for New Years’ Eve and New Years’ Day 2000, and didn’t venture into town except to go to the train station to go to Prague. All I really know is that the train station is quaint, Kutna Hora and the church where everything is made of human bones is nearby and that Zamek Roztez is a great place to throw a big party.

If you like, I can pose your question on my blog — there’s a good chance that a reader or two may have more information than I.

If you know anything about Roztez, please leave a note in the comments!

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