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Online Rights Canada

Ren Bucholz, who works for the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) here in Accordion City wrote to me:

I wanted to let you know that Online Rights Canada (or “ORC”), a new grassroots collaboration between EFF and CIPPIC, just launched an online petition drive on Sam Bulte’s copyright-for-cash scandal. 

People can voice their support for Michael Geist’s “Copyright Pledge,” which asks all politicians to swear off money from copyright lobbyists if they’re involved in setting copyright policy.  We’ve also got a pretty comprehensive backgrounder on the issue, including links to your coverage.  Finally, we have some ways for people to get involved offline.  For example, Bulte is going to be at two all-candidates meetings this week, and we’d love people to show up and ask all the candidates about taking the pledge.  Even if they’re not in that riding, attending all-candidates meetings and asking politicians to sign the pledge would be super-helpful.

They’ve also got a petition you can sign, requesting that Canadian politicians take the copyright pledge.

Keep up the good fight, Ren!

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