Accordion Guy Advent Calendar, Day Nine: Thousands of Weird Images from the "Universe People"

Photo: Figurine of Santa playing the accordion.

If you’re looking for new background images for your computer desktop,

need to spice up your dorm room or cubicle with wacky posters or are

looking for off-the-wall Christmas or Chanukah gift wrapping paper, the

Universe People website is a gold mine waiting to be tapped!

The Universe People site opens with something that I’ve heard only at

the Apple Store and that International House of Pancakes in San

Francisco’s SOMA district with the overly-cheeful staff: “WE LOVE YOU

AND HELP YOU OUT”. They warn you that “They” — meaning governments and

big business — “want to replace your spiritual heart by calculator!”

As far as I can tell, the Universe People are a wacky UFO-meets-Jesus

cult based in the Czech Republic. The text of the site, a mishmash of

Heaven’s Gate-ish sci-fi religion written in poorly-translated English,

makes hours for unintentionally hilarious reading. However, the site’s

true gem is its collection of images, of which there are thousands. For

example, take a gander at this image of Jesus in a style approaching

that of Maragret Keane’s “sad-eyed children” paintings:

Better still is this diagram of “Transcendental Action of Helpful

Energies from Heaven and Hell on the Planet Earth”, shown below. You

can click the image to see it at full size.

Click the image to see it at full size.

I really love that “Informatic-Analyst” bit at the bottom

(“informatics” is a term often used outside North America to refer to

what we call “computer science”). Let’s take a closer look:

Click the image to see it at full size.

You know, that looks like a lot of dot-com business models.

Thousands of other equally-strange images are available for

download from their images site. Be sure to browse this freaky gallery

where you can find this painting, which makes me want to go buy a van

right now so I can have it airbrushed just like so:

Damn, I wish I could’ve used that image for our wedding invitations!

Being a UFO-Jesus cult, they have no shortage of pictures of flying saucers:

or ships that look just like the “whalesong” vessel from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home:

The Universe People’s site should give you lots of fun browsing during

the downtime of the Christmas season. Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah,


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Sadly, my mother is into religion like this. She owns a framed picture of Jesus exactly like you have posted. I swear to God.

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