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"Tucows Milking the Internet"

Here’s an article which ran in last Thursday’s Financial Post: Tucows Milking the Internet, which is subtitled “Now it just needs to get investors interested”.

I’m not so crazy about the photo that accompanies the article. It’s

of my boss’ boss and occasional giver-of-special-assignments-to-me,

Elliot Noss:

It’s an odd photo. Elliot seems to be saying “As a matter of fact,

there just happens to be a small part in my movie that’s just perfect

for you. Why don’t you sit over here, where we can talk about it in

further detail…”

Silly stuff aside, the article will provide a quick overview of what it is Tucows does:

Tucows’ domain name business accounts for about 85% of annual sales,

which were US$44.7-million in 2004 compared with US$37.1-million in

2003. The company has operating income of US$2.14-million in 2004,

US$931,735 in 2003 and an operating loss of US$979,747 in 2003. So far

this year, the company has posted nine-month revenue of US$35.9-million

and operating income of US$1.3-million.

David Shore, an analyst at Desjardins, has this to say about our blogging tool, Blogware:

“Blogging has taken the world by storm but the big challenge from a

business perspective is how you make money off it,” Mr. Shore said.


think Tucows might have come up with a way to make money from the

growth of blogs by providing blog capabilities to service provider

partners who bundle it or sell it to customers. To participate in one

of the top three hot trends in the Internet and make money off it is a

good thing.”

Another goodie of ours that the article mentions in passing is Email Defense,

our anti-spam solution. I’ve got it hooked to up my work email account,

and despite the fact that my email is published on this blog (currently

ranking within the top 1000 at Technorati), my spam is down to a


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