The Cthulhu Circus [Updated]

[via Superfrankenstein] The mash-up the world’s been waiting for — Family Circus comics with captions taken from H.P. Lovecraft!

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FWIW: This was originally posted to the LJ community namelessdread, but was deleted when it got popular. robyn_ma wrote:

    “namelessdread, c’est fini. Y’know, I did it to amuse myself and the few people on my friends list who dug the humor and added themselves to the community. I didn’t want a fuckload of eyes on it, I don’t need to be worrying about lawyers coming after me, and I myself was not the fucking thing’s biggest fan in the first place. You take a cartoon and you stick someone else’s words under it big deal. Not what I really wish to put energy into, become notorious for, or catch legal bullets for. So: gone.”

As discussed in my LJ in May 2005.


Consider the source material. Family Circus is’nt exactly the most ‘intellectual’ comic you’ll read. I think the creator nailed the feeling of a Family Circus cartoon about Cthulhu perfectly.

Always good to hear from the world’s coolest club-owner!

As for the Cthulhu comics: May 2005? I’m always late to the party.

Pure genius. I love these. Please don’t ever remove them, and do make more!
they *really* need to be printed on shirts, or giant posters.. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD MAN, YOU NEED TO GENERATE MORE! MORE!

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