Symantec Tries to Get Funky

Photo: Spoof album cover -- 'Peter Norton and the Funky Bunch: Anti-Virus for the People'.

P-Nort and the crew IN THA HIZZLE TO CAP THA VIZZLE! And hopefully, it won’t slow down your procizzle or thrash your hard drizzle.

[via Teaching the Indie Kids to Dance Again] Here’s a little musical biscuit you might want to choke down only once: Symantec Revolution [2.6MB MP3], a song promoting Symantec (the people behind Norton Antivirus) based on the 1991 hit Good Vibrations by Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch.

The lyrics name-drop Symantec CEO John Thompson and boast of how “No-ki-a and Chevron think we’re tough!”. Here’s a sample from the breakdown:

Enterprise is hot, I’m telling you

Do we know e-commerce? You bet we do!

Shelf space means the world to us

‘Cause our brands are causing quite a fuss

(Bass!) We’re the leader in internet security

People trust our work implicitly

This world-wide conference is to prove

Symantec is hot, hot, hot, so raise the roof!

Any more street and they’d be “C.J.” from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

If this song doesn’t want you to jump up and install some anti-virus software on your computer right this instant, you’re probably in good company.

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