Pot Makes Opening Remarks, Kettle Makes Rebuttal

The Colbinator writes about my Dundas Square Pillow Fight entry…

Nothing against the Accordion Guy, but his headline “Pillow Fight in Dundas Square This Sunday”

suddenly made me loathe my own generation. Flash mobs, cuddle parties,

neo-burlesque, robot pets, emo, speed dating, network gaming

tournaments, live-action remakes of cartoons… I suppose if you’d

really been on the ball, you could have figured out in advance what

would pass for a culture amongst a bunch of grown-up latchkey kids,

couldn’t you?


against you either, Colby — you’re a hundred-watter in a sea of cheap

IKEA tealights — but I’ll take the pillow fight over that dreadful all-neocons-all-the-time Western Standard cruise you’re going on this December. I suspect there will be more active culture in last week’s yogurt than with this group of funboys. You look like the only one of the bunch who doesn’t need to up his dietary fibre intake.

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Holy shit, this looks like a nightmare!

Being trapped on a boat with David Warren alone, never mind the rest, would be reason enough for a long swim. The last article* of his that I read was an angry and somewhat bizarre apologia for “intelligent design”. I presume he takes a pro-I.D. position because that is the prescribed one for embittered, atavistic neo-cons.

*By “last”, I mean, it was the last piece of his I will ever read.

Nightmare? Or, an opportunity for some “creative sinking”. The stars may never again line up like this! 😉

Oh hee hee, ha ha. Yes, all those drowning conservatives. Waa haa haa! Very, very funny. Oh yes. Very.

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