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Pillow Fight at Dundas Square This Sunday

Photo: Pillow fight aftermath in London.

A scene from a recent pillow fight in London. Click the image to see the source page.

[via Torontoist] This could be fun: A big flash mob-esque pillow fight

has been scheduled for this Sunday, November 13th, at 2 p.m. at Dundas Square.


general rules are:

  • Soft pillows only!
  • Do not hit anyone who does not have

    a pillow.

  • Do not hit people who are holding cameras.
  • Swing lightly,

    there will be many people swinging at once!

  • Remove expensive glasses


  • Extra pillows may come in handy.
  • Feather pillows are even

    more fun.

  • Do not begin until the signal (a referee whistle.)

Who’s with me?

Here’s where Pillow Fight Club will meet up:

Map: Where to meet for the Dundas Square pillow fight.

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This is so cool.

I was noticing today on the Yahoo main page that one of the news items is about Toronto gun violence.

It’s so nice to be reminded the city still has some fun left in it.

Well, that was a bit creepy. We went to the pillow fight, and it turned out that it had been (unbeknownst to us) organized by Uniting Toronto Against Guns. They were having an anti-gun rally in Dundas Square at the time; people with clipboards organized the pillow-bearers to the middle of the square, and told them the plan: the guy on stage would say something about settling differences without violence, and then the pillowfight would start, while country music is played onstage.

Even though we just went with cameras and not pillows, we felt used, being co-opted for a political cause.

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