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4th Anniversary!

Four years ago, inspired by my friends Deenster’s and Cory’s blogs, I decided to start my own little blog and came up with the name “Joey deVilla’s Hall of Shame”. While searching the web for some possible site graphics ideas, I stumbled across this image:

Photo: Erin Gray as Wilma Dearing and Gil gerard as Buck Rogers.
Erin Gray (“Wilma Dearing”) and Gil Gerard (“William ‘Buck’ Rogers”) from the TV series Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. The only sci-fi show with more seventies-tastic uniforms was Space: 1999.

For those of you who don’t recognize the people in the photo, it’s a publicity still for the old television show Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. Seeing this image, I decided on a better name for this blog, which I’ve kept to this day.

Today is the 4th anniversary of this blog. During such anniversaries, it is traditional for the blogger to wax philosophical about blogging and talk about how it has changed his or her life. Normally, I’d indulge, but today’s turning out to be a bit of a busy day both at work and home, so I’ll make do with this laundry list of statistics that I was able to pull together last night.

It’s been a great four years! Thanks to all of you who’ve read, commented and link to me.

The Stats

  • 4: The number of years since the first post.
  • 4260: The number of posts that I’ve made over the past four years. That makes an average of roughly three posts a day.
  • 6518: The number of comments posted to this blog since the summer of 2003, when I switched to Blogware, the blogging platform created and maintained by my employer, Tucows. Before that, I was on Blogger, which didn’t have a comment system at the time. I used an external commenting system, but those old comments are long gone and I never kept count of those.
  • 1242: The number of trackbacks this blog has received since the summer of 2003.
  • 8.5 million: Number of pageviews this blog has received since the stats package was added to Blogware in February 2004.
  • 0: Number of times I have been fired thanks to something I wrote in this blog.
  • 1: Number of times I have been hired thanks to something I wrote in the blog.
  • 1: Number of times I have been married thanks to something I wrote in the blog. Okay, that’s a bit of a stretch, but before coming up to Toronto from Boston to visit me, Wendy read all my blog entries as a sort of “background check”.

5 replies on “4th Anniversary!”

Happy blogiversary! Got ya beat on one count, about 100,000 comments (90% comment SPAM). Although, I don’t think you included comment SPAM 😉 The best bloggers in the world, all worked for Opencola.

-Randy Charles Morin

Joey, let me be the first then! Thanks for being such an interesting daily read. There’s nothing like a good slice of local blogging to brighten the day.

-Adam Schwabe.

Like Wendy with your blog entries, when Hilde and I started going together back in 1976, Hilde asked me for copies of all my old fanzines, so she could get a better idea of what she was getting into.

She married me anyway.

— Bruce A.

During the job search/interview process, I started reading this blog as a kind of background check on Tucows.

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