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R.I.P., Porkins

Star Trek may have led to the term “red shirts”, but the expendable characters in Star Wars were more memorable. Most memorable of them all was Porkins (a.k.a. “Red Six”), played by William Hootkins, who passed away last weekend. Hootkins also played the crooked police lieutentant Echkardt in Tim Burton’s Batman and Frobisher in the Blackadder II episode “Beer”.

Photo: Porkins in the cockpit of his X-wing fighter.

5 replies on “R.I.P., Porkins”

I can’t belive he’s gone. I really wish I had bought the limited edition Porkins action figure now. I’ve used the name Porkins in every Star Wars game I’ve played since Rogue Squadron. You will be missed Mr. Porkins.

Rest In Peace, Sir. I just decided the X-Wing model I’m now working on will be Red Six, in his honor.

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