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R.I.P. Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks get processed after breaking the law by

refusing to give up her seat for a white guy. Click to see the photo at

full size.

Rosa Parks passed away yesterday at the age of ninety-two.

Thanks, Ms. Parks — because you refused to give up your seat for the wrong reason, I don’t have to, either.

(Mind you, I’m an able-bodied relatively young man, and I still give up

my seat for ladies, older folks and really-tired looking parents with

young children.)

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She said many times (and is so quoted further down in the article you link to) that she was not overly tired and her feet were not bothering her. She was already a political activist, and she decided on that day it was time.

nothing awe inspiring or any type pf ode tp rosa parks, but you gotta wonder what that guy was thiking as he fingerprinted her for sitting in a seat, and id love to see the file they made for her, and the police report ‘Mrs. Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to give up her seat on a bus’, what else would they say? i tell you, if there was any intellegent life on other planets, im not suprised they avoided us when they saw that people were getting arrested for sitting on a bus.

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