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Great Quips from "The Daily Show"

On pathetically incompetent FEMA director Michael’s former position as

commissioner of the International Arabian Horse Association: “Most Bush appointees are beholden to Arabian people.”

On the administration’s new favourite talking point — “everyone is playing the blame game”: “Those who complain about the blame game? They’re usually to blame.”

A little perspective on the President and Sean Penn (who really is on the verge of turning into his puppet from Team America) “[Bush] took four days, and then he visited Trent Lott’s house, while [Penn] actually got in the sludge and rescued people.”

(I still think that Penn’s bringing along a photographer was a bit much.)

One reply on “Great Quips from "The Daily Show"”

George Bush has done a great deal to further the cause of humanity in my book. He has effectively brought down the �western world empire� that took so long to build. We should not be bashing him. We should be thanking him. The world no longer looks to America for values and human right�s leadership. It is over.

Hopefully, this will stop the spreading of 7-11�s, MacDonalds, and Pizza Huts throughout the world. It is time to reject the west and embrace a more ordered structure of society.

Western cultures place individual rights over the benefit of society, Asian cultures place the harmony of society over individual rights.

Thank you George Bush for showing the world America�s true colors. He is #1 in my book.

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