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Elliot’s Photo

In the comments to this entry, faithful Accordion Guy reader and my boss’ boss, Elliot Noss writes:

ok, the way you cropped the photo of me the slide looks like it says

“always need capital” on the bottom. that was NOT what it said!

the fact that I look like I am kind of praying doesn’t help either. 🙂

It may not have been what the slide said, but I think that “Always need

capital” is true, regardless of how much you have. This is accordance


Joey’s Three Principles of Money

(stolen from John Henson, who stole it from some suit)

  1. More money is better than less money.
  2. Money today is better than money tomorrow.
  3. Real money is better than fake money.

My friend Eldon has slightly doctored the Elliot photo. See if you can

spot the Photoshoppery. If you need to see a larger version, click the


Photo: Subtly altered photo of Tucows CEO Elliot Noss making a presentation.

Click the photo to see it at full size.

4 replies on “Elliot’s Photo”

Could you some up what he said during this talk?

1) Strong balance sheet.

2) Ability to bolt on ?????

3) Aletrnative to Internet…???? (my guess is revenue or services).

4) Always need capital…….????

Come om Joey, be a nice guy – finish those sentences for us and summarize the talk.

joey can’t do that. only I can.

the slide was part of the internal strategic plan presentation and was specifically about the role of m&a in our company. nothing I haven’t said before on conference calls, but the points were:

– strong balance sheet

– ability to bolt on customers

– alternative to internal development

always need to deploy capital wisely

funny to watch how that can be interpreted. hope this helps.

Thank you Elliot. I hope the IPO and the new listing goes well. It would also be great to see Cuban buy more shares but that is probably a long shot.

We should settle in the $2-$3 range by year’s end if the solid results continue but another key factor is how RCOM plays out. As it is, the sale price places the value of domain name registrars at a relatively low level. The same valuation for a sale of TCOW (TCX) would be $1 :(. Let’s hope Cuban blocks the RCOM sale because that will push the valuation of all domain name registrars up.

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