Everybody Loves Eric Raymond!

[via RedHanded] The jokes in the new webcomic Everybody Loves Eric Raymond,

the comic that “depicts the real lives of Richard Stallman, Eric

Raymond and Linus Torvalds as accurately as comedically possible”, will

completely fall flat if you don’t follow happenings in the world of

Free or Open Source software. However, if you do, it’s high-freakin’-larious! Okay, maybe just amusing, but still…

Here are some panels from its dramatization of Eric Raymond’s announcing that “We Don’t Need the GPL Anymore”.

Comic: Panel from 'Everybody Loves Eric Raymond'.

Comic: Panel from 'Everybody Loves Eric Raymond'.

The comic has garnered its subjects’ attention — the following panel, taken from this comic, is based on actual statements made by Stallman and Raymond…

Comic: Panel from 'Everybody Loves Eric Raymond'.

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