Toronto (a.k.a. Accordion City)

A Landlord You Might Want to Avoid

Here’s a poster that’s been making the rounds in a neighbourhood just a

little bit northeast of downtown. It’s subtly but bum-clenchingly


Photo: Strange poster found in Toronto.

I wonder if the person who posted this poster is Indecent Proposal sleazy or Single White Female nutty.

(By the bye, did you know that Single White Female 2 — a made-for-TV movie — is in post-production? As would put it, “Hollywood is out of ideas.”)

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The real question is, will Mystery Chick let her desire for cheap housing outweigh her inner Creep Alarm? And what does the barely-mentioned boyfriend think? Drama! Drama!

run away, Young Woman Who Looks Similar To This Drawing. i mean, cut your hair, dye it, throw away the outfit you were wearing when you checked out the apartment. godspeed.

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