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This Weekend

Apartment Hunting

I love a challenge, and luckily for me, I have one this weekend. The

timing of both my housemates moving out plus the fact that my fiancee

lives in Boston and has a job that keeps her very busy (along with

wedding planning) means that we need to land an apartment this weekend.

We’ll spending this Saturday and Sunday viewing a number of apartments

in the High Park and Roncesvalles

neighbourhoods, and I will have my chequebook at the ready. If you’re a

landlord in our search area or know of a two-bed two-bath unit (house

or condo) that’s going to be available July 1st, let me know in the


Blogger/Librarian Get-Together at The Bishop and the Belcher

Wendy, j and I

will be joining a number of librarians from j’s librarian conference

starting at 9:00 p.m. on Saturday night at The Bishop and the Belcher.

There are more details here.

Librarians, gentlemen. Did you hear me? Librarians!

Kickass Karaoke

Kickass Karaoke returns to the Rivoli this Sunday night, and Wendy and I will be there!

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