Official Notice of the Tucows Systems Outage

If you’re a Tucows reseller, this will be of interest to you:


Please read the following important information concerning OpenSRS.

1. Problem at Hosting Facility Impacting Service Availability

At approximately 20:14 UTC or 4:14PM EST today, Tucows redundant power

supply at the IBM data center failed. As a result, the majority of the

services have been impacted to some degree.

  • Domain Names: provisioning, management, renewal, and transfers

    offline. This includes WHOIS.

  • Email and Email Defense: No mail is lost. Mail delivery may be delayed. Provisioning and management are offline.
  • Digital Certificates: Certificates operating normally.

    Provisioning and management are offline.

  • Website Builder: Website Builder is operating normally for

    end-users. Provisioning and management are offline.

  • Blogware: The service is UNAFFECTED.

Tucows is working closely with IBM to resolve the power problem. At this moment, there is no available restore time.

Tucows will provide regular updates as they are received. Tucows

will also update the Systems Status tool as information is received.

The Systems Status tool is available at:

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thank you for your continued support of Tucows.


Ed Gray

Director, Operations

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