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Welcome to the World, Ryan Joseph deVilla-Choi!

Photo: Ryan Joseph deVilla-Choi, at 12 hours old.

Ryan Joseph deVilla-Choi at 12 hours old.

Yesterday at 8:57 a.m. EDT, my sister Eileen gave birth to the newest addition to the family (and third boy!): Ryan Joseph deVilla-Choi.

Eileen thought he looked like a “Ryan”, and as for the middle name,

“Joseph”? You get three guesses as to which proud uncle he’s named


Ryan weight 3168 grams at birth (6 pounds, 15 ounces), and as the cliche goes, “both mother and baby are doing well.”

I visited Eileen and Ryan last night and took some photos, which I’ve placed into an album — you can view the photos in album format or see them as a slideshow.

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I am overwhelmed by his perfect cuteness. I’ve been watching the slideshow on infinite repeat and squeeing to Wendy. He’s adorable!

Congratulations to the whole family!!

– Erica

Mazel Tov and Ma Bu Hai (I hope that’s correct or, at least, close enough from an amateur). Barry and I are so happy for all concerned. Ryan looks a lot like Richard to me. Time will tell. How cute is it to think of Aidan and Nico as big brothers.


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