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Sick Day Movie Watching

Nothing like a day at home sick to catch up on my BitTorrented videos in bed.

I’m about ten minutes into the Star Wars Holiday Special,a

video I downloaded a little while back and haven’t gotten around to

watching in its entirety until now. It’s been said to be so painfully

bad that George Lucas has

said that he wishes he could wipe every copy of it from existence. I have

vague memories of it as a kid — I think I was 10 years old and in the

fifth grade — but I do recall being thrilled at having another shot at

seeing my heroes.

Photo: Title card from the 'Star Wars Holiday Special'.

Click the picture to see Stomp Tokyo’s review of the Star Wars Holiday Special.

“It’s the Star Wars Holiday Special!” announced a voice-over, who then

went through the laundry list of principal actors from the Star Wars


Then, the warning signs started: “Introducing Chewbacca’s family! His wife, Malla! His father, Itchy! His son, Lumpy!”


Then it really hit the fan: “With special guest stars…Beatrice Arthur!”

What? I don’t remember Maude being on it.

“Art Carney!”

“Norton!” I yelled in response. I have no recollection of him being in the show either.

“Diahann Carroll!”

I vaguely remember. Didn’t she perform some spaced-out slow number?

“The Jefferson Starship!”

Them I remember. I was under the impression that they’d changed their name just for the special.

“Harvey Korman!”

What the –? The title card cut to scenes of Korman playing three different roles. Signs of serious crap to come.

Thus far, it’s been nothing but a quick scene with Han and Chewie

outrunning Imperial Star Destroyers followed by several minutes of

grunts and wookie pantomime. This doesn’t bode well.

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As I recall, they lived in a treehouse or something like that… I do recall it though..

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