I’m Hankering for Hurka!

Photo: Video still from 1980s Hungarian TV commericial for 'Hurka'.

I’ve got a fever…and the only prescription is more Hurka! Click the picture to see the commercial.

Otto von Bismarck is credited with saying “Laws are like sausages. It’s

better not to see them being made.” Apparently, it’s also better not to

see this 1980s Hungarian TV commerical for them either [6.4MB, MPEG].

Want more? Got a whole evening to kill? Perhaps you might find this page of 101 Hungarian TV ads from the 80s amusing.

One reply on “I’m Hankering for Hurka!”

there’s NOTHING like a fried Blood Sausage!

I made a DVD of these ads for my Hungarian (ex-pat) girlfriend, and she alternately waxed nostalgic and irate — “just look at that! We didn’t have a choice, that was the only thing available. And it was sh*t!!!”

I’ve been watching these on repeat to practice my Hungarian…. but I’ve been thinking about the evolution of advertising in the goulash Communism economy, as well….

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