Passover Plague Masks

My co-worker Adam brought

these masks depicting the plagues that hit Egypt as a reprisal for the

Pharoah’s refusal to free the Jewish slaves. Never before has God’s

wrath looked so cute!

Photo: Masks depicting the plagues visited upon Egypt.

Click the photo to see the slideshow.

My favourites are the “lice” mask with the googly-eyed bugs, the

“firstborn” mask with X’s for eyes, and the flaming “hail” mask, which

for some reason reminds me of the “Hot Hail” that Ming the Merciless

rained on the Earth in the 1980 Flash Gordon movie.

(Yes, I know that there were ten plagues and that there are only nine

masks in the shot. Those are all the masks Adam brought. Adam, what

happened to “darkness”?)

If you want to see larger photos of the masks, I posted them in a photo album, which you can click through manually or see as a slideshow.

Happy Pesach to all my Jewish readers and future relatives!

5 replies on “Passover Plague Masks”

Sorry dude. I totally left darkness at my desk.

Darkness is pretty good, too. It’s a black cloud with a little bit of sunshine in the top right corner.

Thank you for the good wishes. Wish you were going to be with us for the Seder tomorrow evening. Next year in Lynnfield. That’s significant. Wendy will explain. The plague masks are a recent phenomenon. Kinda cute, but are they necessary? A way to further engage children? Adults? Previously, the plagues were merely recited as each Seder participant dipped their pinkie finger into their own wine glass (just a little) and put a drop of wine onto a plate to signify each plague. Maybe the masks are better. The tablecloth stays cleaner.


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