It Happened to Me

Eric Rice’s Video of the Podcaster Gathering

Eric Rice, who attended the Podcaster’s Gathering we had on Tuesday,

has managed to live through his hangover and post a 3-minute, 51-second

video blog entry of what happened. You can get it in two flavours:

The Low-Bandwidth “Extra Crispy” Version

[7 MB, QuickTime] — I took Eric’s original video and compressed it for

those of you on a slow connection or who want to see it pronto!

Get a load of that beefy forearm! You don’t get muscle tone like this playing electric guitar like those skinny wusses from Slayer.

The High-Bandwidth “Original Recipe” Version [23MB Quicktime] is hosted on Eric’s blog. The price you pay for better video and audio quality is a larger filesize.

Eric Rice and Rannie Turingan.

Usually, when they cut to a black-and-white still in VH-1’s “Behind the

Music”, the voice-over says, “…and that’s when the band started

getting into drugs.” In this case, we started ordering the Yellow

Menaces (Smirnoff Ice with a tequila shot).

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