What to Do with All that Moolah

Deenster has a question:

OK, so apparently the STAR TREK fans raised

more than $3 million dollars to try to save Star Trek Enterprise from

cancellation. What do you think they should do with their money if they

are unsuccessful?

a) hire many women for pleasure
b) donate it to the Aspergers foundation
c) start a fund to send kids to space camp
d) start a sci-fi fiction endowment fund

Putting aside any question as to whether $3 million is enough — remember, an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation cost about $1 million per episode

— Deenster has neglected option e: starting a colony of die-hard

Enterprise fans who live by their own rules [Quicktime video, 464KB,


Click the picture above to see the video:

“Inspired by the most logical race in the galaxy — the Vulcans —

breeding will be permitted once every seven years. For many of you,

this will mean much less breeding. For me, much much more!”

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Of course, they only have $3,140,000 because some dweeb donated $3m. I see this effort sinking, and people wanting their money back…

LOL at the video.

Another idea – hire a lobbying organization to petition the US Congress to rename the state of California after Gene Roddenberry.

Ontario Emperor

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