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Happy Fourth Anniversary, "pony"!

I met Deenster a little over five years ago when we were both working

at OpenCola during those heady dot-com years. A bit later — four years

ago today, Deenster started her own blog, pony, which has been going

strong ever since. I — and a number of other pony readers — are

taking this day to congratulate Deenster on four years of pony by

writing Four Things About Deenster. Here are mine:

1. Deenster is a very good cook; it is always a joy and privilege to be invited to her place for dinner parties.

2. I think she tried to set me up with her mom. I warned her of the

terrible consequences, the worst being a scenario in which she would be

staying at her mom’s place one night. I would emerge from her mom’s

room wearing naught but a towel and smile, look at her and say “who’s

your daddy now?”

3. She once asked me: if had to have sex with one of the OpenCola

founders — Grad Conn, John Henson or Cory Doctorow — which would

would it be and why? I believe my answer, humourous as it was, has

scarred her for life.

4. She is a warm, kind and open-minded person and will not judge you for your bad dental hygiene. or hillbilly demeanor.

Photo: Deenster and John Henson.

Happy anniversary, Deenster!

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The image of you as my daddy just made me spit bottled water all over my keyboard.

Lisa Sister Pony

Joey I will never reveal your answer. And you have just earned dinner chez moi with Wendy. Ok, i was gonna cook for you both anyway…adina

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