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Blasts from the Past

In the past few days, I’ve run into a couple of friends — either directly or indirectly — whom I haven’t seen in a while:

  • George Justus

    found me while Googling for our high school alma mater, De La Salle

    College “Oaklands”. He and I were part of a small group, the “Eight

    Year Men”, who attended school at “Del” for the complete span of grades

    it offered: from sixth grade to grade 13 (yes, back then, there were

    five years of high school, 9 through 13). He dropped me a line via

    email last week — Hi, George, and expect an email from me later today!

  • I ran into Anthony Famularo

    yesterday at Easter Brunch at the Boulevard Club. Anthony is also a

    classmate of mine from De La Salle, and he plays a role in the Best Date Ever story, which I shall continue soon.

    Anthony’s got a blog. I knew it was his the moment I stumbled across

    the phrase “my asshole lawyer friend Nick”. I too am a friend of that

    asshole lawyer.

    (Some of you may say that “asshole lawyer” is redundant. Seeing as the CEO of my company,

    my department-mate Darryl Green, my future father-in-law and several

    blood relatives are lawyers or have law degrees, I’m going to do some

    hand-waving and say that not every L.L.B. is an asshole. However, if it

    were a crime to be an asshole, there’d be enough evidence to execute

    Nick twice.)

    Anthony told me that a mutual friend of ours, Nadine Lacalamita, who also happens to have been a classmate of my sister’s at her high school, Havergal College, owns and runs the 2 Cats

    lounge on King Street West, which happens to be stumbling distance from

    my house. He goes there every couple of weeks, and I’m hoping to join

    him and catch up with him and Nadine.

  • Cliff, the original owner of my first accordion, found my Why Accordion? article and wrote back to me in the comments. Good to hear from you!
  • Like Cliff, Sean Silcoff

    was a fellow member of Crazy Go Nuts University’s “Media Mafia”. Sean’s

    now Montreal Bureau Chief for the Financial Post and his current series

    of articles (part one / part two) is on Embraer, the little Brazilian aircraft company that

    could. Ever since flying down to Boston to see Wendy became a regular ritual

    for me, I’ve become rather familiar with the ERJ — the Embraer

    Regional Jet, the “commuter plane” which acts as the workhorse for

    regional airlines such as American Eagle.

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I’m an Asshole Lawyer? I was an asshole before I became a lawyer. You should rephrase that to say an asshole & a lawyer.

– Nick C.

Love to hear it. Send me a copy. Fammy has my email. “I have watched and wondered….”. (PS. My basement is full – & I mean full – of guitars & drums as we speak. Wife threatening impending divorce and/or castration as a result. Let me know when you wanna jam).

As well, congrats on your impending nuptuals as Antoine had informed me recently. I take it you’ve made FULL disclosure of all that is JM DeVilla to your fiancee? Hope all is well with la famille. Must get together for a drink or two. Bring yer accord’n.

And it’s “Nine Year Men”, not 8. You, me, DaSilva, Grajo, Justus, McCulloch, McGrenere, Nuflo, Tricarico = 9 Donald Survivors – NC

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