David Hasselhoff 2005 Calendar

Photo: David Hasselhoff holding two golden retriever puppies.

How can you fear this man? PUPPIES TRUST HIM! PUPPIES!

[via Metafilter, via cheesedip] I have a friend who is trying to get over her fear of David Hasselhoff.

I try to help wherever I can, and here’s the next part of the cure: The

Hoff Calendar [543K, Microsoft Word Document, enclosure], a 2005 calendar with a different David Hasselhoff

picture for each month.

If this doesn’t cure her, I don’t know what will.

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Please send me the 2005 calendar. Thank you

Adrienne Amberson

303 Eden Street

# 1537

Indian Head, Sk.

canada S0G2K0

Could you please send me this calendar

Tonya Ewing

5358 Valina Dr.

Gainesville Georgia 30504

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