East Coast / West Coast Musical In-Laws

I’m always happy to give shout-outs to family, and that’s what this entry’s all about!

First: a plug for Mixology,

the band in which my future brother-in-law Andy plays bass. They’re a

pretty tight bar band playing good ol’ rock and roll with a bluesy feel

who play the area between Boston and Providence “or wherever else they

have beer”. They’ve got a demo MP3 file (10 MB) online if you want to hear what they sound like.

Photo: Andy and me.

Just two Filipinos, havin’ a beer.

They’ve got a gig this Saturday at Cher’s in North Providence, Rhode Island (86 Waterman Avenue). I’d catch the show, but I live 800 kilometres due west.

Andy plays a bazillion instruments, many of which are stringed, and

many of those aren’t your run-of-the-mill instruments here in North

America. He’s an accomplished balalaika player and he’s even performed

at Carnegie Hall!

Photo: Andy in a Winnie the Pooh suit on balalaika.

Here’s Andy on balalaika, going with an unshaven, edgy look. (Taken from Mixology’s website)

On the other coast is Cookie, who’s married to my cousin Tina. I

thought I’d be the first person in my extended family to perform at his

own wedding reception, but after looking through some old photos, I was

reminded that Cookie beat the skins at his reception back in late


(Wendy’s parents very kindly set a condition on the band playing at our

wedding: they are required to let me join them on accordion any time I

want. I’ll probably do a number or two, and I’m seriously thinking of

doing my rocked-out version of Who Stole the Kishka?)

Photo: Cookie and Tina at their wedding, December 2000.

Cookie and Tina, December 2000.

My cousin Ivan — one of Tina’s brothers —

came up for a visit last week. He told me that Cookie reads this blog

daily and keeps the rest of my kin in the Bay Area apprised of my

activities. Hey Cookie — glad to have you as a reader, and hopefully, I’ll see you in September!

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