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Signs of Life at the Other Blogs

They’ve been keeping me quite busy here at “Dos Vacas” — so busy, in fact, that I asked ol’ Boss Ross if it would be a problem if I put The Farm and IndieGameDev

on hiatus until, say, April. Ross looked at me if I’d suggested that we

get the department all cross-dressed, liquored up and into a nice

friendly round of Russian Roulette:

Photo: Weird photo featuring three women at dinner with booze, one of whom is holding a gun and suggesting some firearms-based fun.

That’s me, Darryl Green and Ross Rader, all liquored up,

cross-dressed and ready to get our gun on. Or maybe it’s how Dave Winer

imagines the “White Males: Threat or Menace?” panel at Bloghercon would

be like.

So I spent some time this morning following the Getting Things Done

method of looking at upcoming tasks, which is pretty nicely captured in

this infographic from an entry in

Graphic: 'Cascading Next Actions' chart from

…and after a little thought decided, yeah, I can do those blogs and these projects reasonably.

The Farm has today’s posts up, and I’ll get to IndieGameDev a little later today.

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I didn’t realize that putting on a skirt, getting hammered and shooting at myself was a consideration.

You really need to start laying out all the options when you hit me up with these madcap ideas.

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