Do You Read This Blog Using an RSS Reader? [Updated]

[Update at end of article]

If so, I need you help trying to solve a little problem here. I’ve

received a few emails telling me that my RSS feed is showing only the

titles of my entries. This seems to be the case on the Mac, but not


If you can, could you please look at my RSS feed and report in the

comments what platform you’re using, what you’re using to view the RSS

feed and whether you see whole articles or just the titles? Thanks.


It looks as though there’s a problem with the RSS feeds for a number of

Blogware-based blogs. The Blogware team’s looking into it right now.

Hopefully, they’ll be able to resolve the issue soon.

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This morning I found in (OS X program) NetNewsWire Lite 2.0b23 that some older articles had reappeared with only headlines. I found the same thing at work in (Windows .NET Framework program) SharpReader v0.9.5.1.

Looking at your index.xml right now, it does indeed lack the body of your articles.

Mac 10.3.8 NetNewsWire Lite 2.0b23

The full text disappeared yesterday, I think at the same time that all the posts in AccordionGuy suddenly appeared as unread.

Bloglines is showing different behavior:

All posts older than “Reminder: PUBLICity This Thursday!” show the full text, but the Reminder and more recent posts show only titles.

~~Charles No Longer By The Charles

If you need more details… Yah00: cdstarrett

you need to include and excerpt of the beginning of the entry in a description tag. but rss protocol has a limit on how much you can put in the description field…if you exceed the limit, it’s erronous rss and won’t be read correctly.

NewsFire on OS X; just the titles. When I grab the feed with curl, all entries have empty description elements.

I don’t understand how some platforms could be seeing descriptions and some could not, since I don’t see any descriptions in the feed itself (

Here’s the RSS for this entry:


<dc:creator>Joey deVilla</dc:creator>

<title>Do You Read This Blog Using an RSS Reader?</title> <link></link> <guid></guid>

<pubDate>Tue, 15 Mar 2005 11:04:00 -0500</pubDate>


<category domain=””>Announcements


I get your blog through LiveJournal, Joey. And yeah, I’ve noticed over the past little while that only the subject comes through, along with the link. My OSs are: Windows XP Professional at work, and ME at home.

I get your feeds in Newsgator, in Outlook 2003, in Windows XP. As of yesterday (3/14/05) I was no longer getting full feeds from you.

I am using Bloglines, with Firefox on Linux. No body either, just the title. I used to get tho whole content.

I use bloglines to read rss feeds, and only see your title. On Windows 2000 here. IE 5.5 version.

I read it via LiveJournal’s aggregator and it’s been showing titles only since yesterday. You can see what LiveJournal found last time it grabbed your feed on their accordionguy syndication page – clicking on a fetch time shows the entire article, if any (compare yours to, say, boingboing_net).

OSX (10.3.8), viewed using the SAGE extension for Firefox. Everything displays properly

As of 16:42 EST, everything is back to normal for my windows 2000 box running sharpreader . Thanks Gooey!

I just happen to come across this new website – … It’s a cool Free service which allows anyone to create, edit, publish and even track their RSS feeds online.

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It’s interesting to know that RapidFeeds is based in India, where many good applications have been born…

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