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Some More Stats

Since November 10, 2001, when I started The Adventures of Accordion Guy in the 21st Century, I:

  • Used 2 blogging platforms (I started with Blogger, and now use Blogware, which is produced by the firm for which I work, Tucows)
  • Have 43 photo albums with a total of 1328 photos
  • Got 1025 trackbacks
  • Received 3909 comments (not including those I deleted or those on the commenting system from when I used Blogger)
  • Posted 3739 articles (not counting this one)

That last number surprised me; if you asked me to estimate the

number of blog articles I’d published, I would have put it at around

2000 posts, not almost 4000.

One reply on “Some More Stats”

Perhaps it’s just a personal problem, but Blogger doesn’t display correct counts of the number of posts in a blog. For the longest time it said that I had over 800 posts in my larger blog, then it suddenly increased to over 1100 posts and stayed stuck there. But you have written more than me, I’m sure.

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