You’ve Got to Watch "Scent of a Robot"

Check out this excellent video for an excellent hip-hop number: Pete Miser’s Scent of a Robot,

in which the narrator acciedentally discovers that he’s not human, but

a prototype robot soon to be mass-produced. I love it when hip-hop and

science fiction collide; one gets tired of “ghetto this”, “drive-by

that” and “bling bling”.

The rap is clever and expertly delivered by Pete, who navigates the territory that lies between Del tha Funkee Homosapien and MC Paul Barman.

I’ve got to give mad props to whoever did the backing track for tossing

in a nice synth-accordion descending line; I’d call it the best

one-chord jam since Beck’s Loser. The video itself is a nice gene-splice of computer animation and live-action video.

When I first stumbled across the video, I watched it about half a dozen times. I’m hooked! Check the video to find out why.

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