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Your Valentine’s Day Warning

Photo: Me and Wendy.

T minus three days!

A scene from last Thursday at the charity event during which I enjoyed more than my fair share of drinks:

Her: So, Accordion Boy, do you and your fiancee have plans for Valentine’s?

Me: Yeah, she’s flying up here Friday evening, and I’m taking her out to Crush for dinner on Saturday.

Her: [Her boyfriend] is soooooo dead! Just one time a year — One! Time! A! Year! — I would just like him to do something romantic

[approximately five minutes of her ranting and my silent nodding deleted for brevity]

Learn from this, attached gentlemen. Stay out of the doghouse and make reservations while there’s still time.

As for you unattached local guys, she’s pretty and might be available soon…

5 replies on “Your Valentine’s Day Warning”

Maybe I’m strange, but I don’t really give a flying farg about valentine’s day.

Perhaps it meant more when I was single – somebody better do something special – but I probably wouldn’t even remember it now if I wasn’t bombarded with commercials about it.

Thanks for the headsup, m’man. Good call. Might see you there. I just got off the phone with the Crush people and nerdily booked an “appointment” (can’t b’leeeeve i said appt instead of reservation) for 6:30 (all booked otherwise). If I didn’t book this, I might as well’ve booked a reservation for one in the doghouse.

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