Anti-Panti. Good Idea? Bad Idea? I Can’t Tell.

[via Davezilla] While we’re discussing Ann Coulter, let’s talk about a somewhat related topic: the Anti-Panti.

The name alone should give you some clue as to what it is and what it does. Here’s the description on the Anti-Panti web site:

anti-panti is the answer to all this

underwear nonsense. — thongs, g-strings, low-riders, briefs, boy-cut,

bikini — the list never ends. With Anti-Panti you do not have to

choose. You do not have to think about which underwear works with which

pants, or which is low enough not to peek out the back of your jeans.

Anti-Panti is an adhesive-backed cotton disc that sticks to the inside

of your pants and eliminates the need to wear underwear.

The ergonomic engineer in me says “that can’t be terribly comfortable”

(although thong underwear doesn’t look comfortable either). The party

boy in me says “Wendy, can we put these on the wedding registry?”

Clearly I am unqualified to discuss the merits of the Anti-Panti. I

know a number of free-thinking women who still squirm at the word

“panties” (“It just sounds wrong!”); I imagine they’d have trouble

ordering the product by name. I also expect that Xeni Jardin, Boing Boing’s specialist on all matters rumpy-pumpy will write a first-hand review soon (either her, or the equally entertaining Annalee Newitz would do just fine).

Women readers, what do you think? (I already know what the men readers are thinking: “PHWOOOOOAAARRRR!”)

One reply on “Anti-Panti. Good Idea? Bad Idea? I Can’t Tell.”

You know, honestly, an under-garment x whose FAQ has to contain an item “What is the difference between x and a maxi-pad?” somehow doesn’t do much for me…

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