Because We Can’t Get Enough of "Come Hither Bill"

Photo: Bill Gates reclining in a hotel room, proferring a rose.

“To quote Clippy: ‘It looks like you’re about to take your clothes off. Would you like some help?'”

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Let’s all be glad he went with Microsoft Windows instead of Microsoft Beds (TM). Where do you want to go today?

I believe the correct term is “ruined”. He ruined the internet.

I didn’t even think that that was possible.

Well, I am disappointed with you. Last week I committed an outrageous rant against not only the cinematic arts but indeed against the whole of humanity, hoping to at least provoke some angry justification for film or for happy communion with normal people or whatever. I was begging for a brilliant demolition. At the end of my column I asked readers to explain to me what was attractive about the movie-going experience. I thought I knew pretty well what the answers would be (in fact, I will list my expected arguments below, if you won’t do it for me).

So I guess I’m the only one who finds these pictures kind of sexy? Nerds are hot.

— Sarah Marchildon

It really is – look at the shadow and the lighting. Sorry folks, but I think someone spent time on doing this.

OMG – even worse – somebody put *love* into this!!!

Sorry, fella, but I’ve been quite busy, what with a lot of extra work at theoffice (including a change of desks) and a weekend trip to Boston, where the snowstorm has delayed my return flight.

There’s also the matter of having a real job.

But I promise, comments soon!

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