"You are in a series of small twisty passages, all alike."

On IndieGameDev (one of the blogs I’m paid to write): An in-depth article on Interactive Fiction

(a.k.a. “IF” or “text adventure games”), the Inform Programming

language, a lot of links to resources and a look at what advantages and

opportunities IF offers the indie game developer.

Even if you don’t care about programming games, there are links to fun IF games to try!

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OH MY GOD! I’m astounded, I simply had no idea that IF had gotten so big! I got hooked into it when my stepdad got me a text adventure (with snapshots and sparse music!) for my old Commodore, maaaany years ago. It was about Alice in Wonderland, but blissfully non-linear, and so packed with amazing new things that it kept me guessing up until the very end, many months later.

Thank you for posting this most awesome article! It rocks!

Hey, thanks for mentioning my small effort, which I made for ifcomp a few years ago. The deadline’s in the fall sometime and is a great motivator.

If anyone’s interested in playing Punk Points, I’ve set up the java applet here.

–Jim Munroe

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