An Incentive to Read the Blogs I’m Paid to Write

Hey, programmer-types! There’s lots of good stuff on The Farm

(Tucows’ programming-in-general blog) and IndieGameDev (Tucows’ blog

for indie game developers). They’re written by Yours Truly with the

same gusto and verve, but considerably less swearing.

(Actually, even on this blog, I try and save the swears for when they’re les mots justes.)

Once you’re done reading those, you can reward yourself with this TV ad for Dodge trucks that they decided not to air [1.3 MB WMV file included as an enclosure; Three’s Company-esque double-entendres].

A pity, because I think this ad fesses up — although in a roundabout

way — as to why men who don’t really need trucks buy them.

One reply on “An Incentive to Read the Blogs I’m Paid to Write”

That ad is fucking brilliant! Oh how I wish they would plaster the airwaves of CityTV with that ad to target the (seemingly) ka-zillion men that drive the city with inexplicably large vehicles that block my view…

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