Quick-Claiming Your Blogware Blog in Technorati

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Quick Claim

The fine folks at Technorati have made it

easier for users of Blogware-based

blogs to claim their blogs. They’ve incorporated a new system, Quick

Claim, which is the fastest way for a blog owner to claim a blog in


Before Quick Claim, claiming a blog in Technorati required going to the

Technorati site, specifying which blog you want to claim, copying some

claim code, pasting it into the template of your blog and then waiting

for the Technorati servers to scan your blog for the claim code. The

claim code was a way of establishing that you were truly the owner of

the blog — otherwise people would be claiming ownership of the Top


Quick Claim lets you claim a blog quickly: after specifying the blog

you want to claim, you provide the login information for your blog.

Technorati then communicates with your blogging software and confirms

that you own the blog.

Claiming Your Blogware Blog Using Quick Claim

Here are the steps involved:

1. Log into Technorati using your Technorati login


Go to the Technorati site,

If you have a Technorati account, you can either click the “Sign In”

button at the upper right-hand corner of their main page or go

directly to their Member Sign In


If you don’t have a Technorati account, you can sign up for one — it’s

free — at their Member Sign-Up


2. Click the “Claim Blog” link.

You should see the “Claim Blog” link about halfway down the page. Click

on it to go to the “Claim

Blog” page.

If you don’t see the “Claim Blog” link, look for the “Claim Weblogs”

tab naer the top of the page.

3. Enter the URL of the weblog you want to claim.

Enter the URL of the blog you want to claim in the “Claim a Weblog”

form. You don’t have to include the “http://” part.

The screenshot below is from an actual claim I’m making. It’s for IndieGameDev, Tucows’ new blog for

independent game developers, and yes, it’s a Blogware blog.

4. Enter your Blogware credentials.

You will be taken to a page where you will be given a number of options

for claiming your weblog. The option at the top will be the “Quick

Claim” option. To Quick Claim your blog, enter your Blogware username

and password into the fields provided in the “Quick Claim Your Weblog”

form and then click the “Quick Claim this weblog” button.

5. Wait for Technorati to Confirm That You Own the Blog…and

That’s It!

You will have a short wait while Technorati contacts the Blogware

servers and confirms that you own the blog. Once confirmed, you should

see a message like the one below:

If you follow the “Claimed Weblogs” link shown above, you’ll see a list

of all the weblogs you’ve claimed. It will include the weblog you just


Quick Claim is possible thanks to an XML document format called RSD (Really Simple Discoverability), and I cover that in the more technical version of this entry, which appears in my tech blog, The Farm.

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Pleasepleaseplease tell me that Blogware has a special auxiliary authentication system for this feature, and you didn’t just advocate giving out your password to random third-party web sites.

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