Know Any Cheap Places to Stay in Montreal?

Prentiss Riddle wrote in a comment to this blog:

Other than a friend’s apartment, do you know of any good cheap places

to stay in central Montreal? I’m flogging my network for contacts who

might be able to advise me about affordable lodgings for a conference I

want to attend there in a couple of months.

The conference will be the Information Architecture Summit held

March 3-7 at the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth, 900 Blvd René Lévesque O,

Montréal. Rooms there would be CA$200/night. I’d like to spend more

like CA$60/night as close as possible to the Fairmont. Proximity is

more important than comfort. (When I go to conferences I like to be

nearby so as not to miss out on all the informal networking. Not to

mention the occasional nap. 🙂 )

Can any Montrealers help out here?

[P.S. Blvd René Lévesque? VIVE LA RUE DORCHESTER!]

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I stayed at the Travelodge on Rene Levesque E. in August. As summer prices went, they were much cheaper than all the other downtown hotels, and had free continental breakfast.

The Hotel Pierre on Sherbrooke (near St. Laurent..) Not sure how close this is to your conference.. but super cheap rates. It’s a lovely old home that has been converted into a Bed & Brekky type place (sans the brekky).

Hotel Pierre – 169 Sherbrooke, H2X 1C7 Voice: (514) 288 8519

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