IndieGameDev: Another Blog They’re Paying Me to Write

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m announcing the “soft launch” of IndieGameDev (, a new Tucows blog being written and edited by Yours Truly. Like The Farm, IndieGameDev is about programming; however, the focus of IndieGameDev is on articles, links and resources for the independent game developer.

As with The Farm, you can see the latest headlines from IndieGameDev listed in the “My Other Blogs” section in the right-hand column of this blog.

The blog still has some rough edges that I’ll smooth out over the next

few weeks, but it’s already got a few articles in it. Go give it a look!

One reply on “IndieGameDev: Another Blog They’re Paying Me to Write”

Nice job with the indie blog, Joey. Already I have found a valuable resource there: the treasure trove of all Ernest Adams Gamasutra articles. Keep up the good work. cheers!

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