Surely This is a Sign of the Apocalypse

Photo: Dog in a litter box.

This is wrongness on the same level as Manties (“panties for men”).

[via Defective Yeti] Holy crap, they’re now making kitty litter for dogs.

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small dogs only, presumably? I shudder at the thought of putting one’s Saint Bernard on a litter tray…

The manties look good to me. Better than the tighty whities i have to wear now. gotta try em.

Is it me, or does that dog looked Photoshopped into the litter box? No real dog would ever poop in a litter box.

Itt’s not a real dog. It looks like a yorkiepoo, which probably weighs about 15 pounds. To my mind, a real dog has to be thirty pounds or more. 🙂

Some dogs just aren’t built for the cold weather, so a litter box makes sense for them. And there are also dogs … I know a couple … who see cats using the litter box and figure it’s for them as well. And because litter can go in your green bin, it’s a bit more environmentally friendly than putting all of those poo bags into landfill.

I’ve got a min-pin, one who certainly qualifies for the Most Endearingly Yet Annoyingly Stupid Dog In The World award. Last winter was a very harsh and horrible one, and since the little idiot is nearly completely bald on his underside, we decided to give the Dog Litter a try, just to spare him having to go outdoors and freeze.

Well. That failed spectacularly. Not only did he, despite our best training efforts, never actually “go” -inside- the box, but we’d always wind up catching him in the act of lifting a leg and whizzing all over the outside of the damn thing.

–Kim (Mizzkyttie)

The poo goes in, but the plastic baggies stay out. See the Toronto Green Bin page…

So, following up on that scrapbooking post earlier, here’s a job for oursourcing by the very rich: separating the poo from the baggie!

–Anon “I don’t want that job!” E. Mouse

Whoops, didn’t read far enough:

Q: Can I put the plastic bag with which I pick up my dog excrement inside the bin?

A: Yes, you can. We make an exception in this case. The bags will be removed in the processing facility.

I pity the poor soul with that job…


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