Can You Name These 50 Movies?

Here’s a picture of 50 stills from 50 different movies. Can you name any of them?

(Wendy, I’m going to need your help with this one.)

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I’m not positive, but I think:

#04 – O Brother, Where Art Thou?

#27 – Outbreak

#50 – Misery


OK I’m going to guess on a few of these.

20: Cowboy Bebop

31: Bulletproof Monk

33: James Bond (That’s Moneypenny, right?)

44: Muriel’s Wedding

48: Big Trouble in Little China

How’d I do?

also not 100% sure… but here goes:

#13 – a life less ordinary

#37 – independence day

#39 – before sunset

#44 – a beautiful mind


My guesses (I’m most sure of #09)

#09 Ronin

#12 The Conversation ?

#30 Raising Arizona ?

#44 Muriel’s Wedding (sp?)

#45 Miller’s Crossing ? (other guesses are The Untouchables and The Godfather)

#48 Big Trouble in Little China

Ones others posted that I agree with:

#04 O Brother Where Art Thou?

#14 Paths of Glory

#47 Big Lebowski

I don’t think #33 is Miss Moneypenny, I don’t recall her ever having Princess Leia buns.

I agree, so many hoses, it must be Brazil. It’s after Harry Tuttle (Robert De Niro) switches some connections so their air line is replaced with a sewage line.

I think the typewriter mechanism in #50 is too new to be Moulin Rouge.

But speaking of Ewan McGregor, could #03 be Shallow Grave?

Another guess:

#01 Fearless

14. Paths of Glory

19. Alice’s Restaurant

27. Brazil

30. Blood Simple

48. Big Trouble in Little China

50. Throw Momma From the Train?

05 – Hana-bi

35 – remake of [Virtual] Beast with 5 Fingers [?!]

46 – Zatoichi (new Kitano version)

Love to know 41 as the girl is very pretty.

11-Not Hanabi but Sonatine

In Sonatine Takashi and his Yakuza buddies spend a lot of time on the beach playing sumo.

12-Royal Tenenbaums


25-Freddy Got Fingered?

30-Blood Simple

38-Ghost World

I think…

41- Matchstick men I think. The girl is 22, but plays a 13 year old.. its a little freaky actually.

40- Beverly Hills Cop.. 2? I think… scene from the gun range.

Others I knew, but previous people already said them

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