Some Images, Once Seen, Cannot Be Unseen

If you’ve never seen the infamous “goatse” image (you’ll have to find it yourself, but it’s not too hard — the image is NOT work-safe!), consider yourself lucky. The rest of us are cursed to see the “goatse” image everywhere [main page is safe for work].

I now see it on the covers of magazines…

Photo: Time magazine showing two hands pulling apart the American flag.

…and books…

Photo: Cover of 'Building Accessible Websites'.

…and product packaging…

Photo: Glad bags packaging.

…and even Disney cartoons:

Anitmation: Disney cartoon showing Pluto flexing his butt prior to sitting on an egg in a henhouse.

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I’m putting together a handbook for designers on designing access and I have a section on Accessible Websites. There is a picture by Joe Clark that I would like to include in this handbook. Can you please let me know if this is possible.


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