This Should Be a Short Fight

[via the file-trading site I’m not allowed to talk about] Hey, Muhammad

Ali was great and all, but really, this fight should last all of one

second, and that’s with Supes taking it reeeeally easy.

Comic: Cover of 'Superman vs. Muhammad Ali'.

I think the writers of Space Jam stole their ideas from this comic.

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Hey…big fan of the blog, and I like the cover too, but for some reason it irks me that you keep mentioning this great file trading site that you can’t tell anyone. It feels like one of those moments everyone has where a person starts to tell a story or secret, then realizes and says ‘oh, sorry, I can’t tell you.’ It’s awkward, aggrivating, and probably some other ‘a’ word I can’t think of (not the swear word, though…) Anyway, this may sound stupid, but my preference would be keep the cool posts and ditch the ‘via Can’t Tell You!’, as it’s just not needed and probably is needling more people than just me…

Keep up the good work…


Actually, it’s not meant to taunt my readers, but as a poke at the site (it’s FilePile, by the way). They have the same first rule as Fight Club, and they take it a little too seriously.

The site can be accessed only by members, and new membership registration has been closed for some time. I suspect that this was done to keep the load on the site and their bandwidth costs down to something maanageable.

Hey– is that Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter in the corner? Of course the President of the United states would be there for this boxing match!

Dude, I actually have this comic… it’s tabloid sized (ie… same size as a Weekly World News)

As far as I can recall it was the first comic book I ever owned.

And Ali trounces Superman’s arse.

The cover consists of over 100 celebrity faces, plus some DC comics familiars as well. The inside front cover has a key and index of who they all are.

It was a fairly cheesy rag, but Neil Adams art in it is wonderful (and I’ve seen scenes from it copied in other comics dozens of times)

And either Telly Savalas or Daddy Warbucks to the left of Batman. I could just hear Telly if the Champ lost “you blew it, Champ baby!”

geek.ent, I’m totally jealous that you have it. What year did that come out? For some reason, it looks really familiar. Could’ve been one of the lots my parents made me throw out whenever my pile got too threatening (comic’ll spoil ya, don’tcha know — they were right).

I remember buying this comic book when I was young. If you’d read the story Superman volunteered to have his powers removed so he would have normal human strength. This is how he was able to box Muhammad Ali without the advantage of super stength. Also Muhammad Ali won and Superman was busted up pretty bad. When his power were restored he was healed……

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